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    2011 Polaris Virage no spark!

    Hoping for some help! I have a 2001 Polaris Virage 800. Near the end of last summer it was running perfect (has less than 100 hours on it) and suddenly stalled in the lake. Starter turns over....but no spark. I have trouble shooted as much as I can and beleive that the ECM is toast. I called a local Polaris dealer in Edmonton, Alberta.....was advised that the part is about $750 dollars and that they have to remove the engine to replace it.......the guy said likely about $2500 dollars. I am no mechanic but I cannot see why the engine would have to come out. Woud really appreciate some input on this. Could it be a solenoid issue? Where can I find a wiring diagram. Can one buy an aftermarket ECM?


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    This machine is a fuel injected two cylinder 2001 Virage i, correct?

    For that model year i think the EMM (Engine Management Module) is located under the steering assembly, should be visible when you remove the front storage bucket. It is mounted inside a metal bracket which is bolted to the upper hull.

    It is a pita to remove the EMM from that location, but certainly does not require the engine to be removed.

    There is a company that repairs these Ficht EMM, sounds like your dealer was quoting their retail price for having the EMM repaired by DFI Technologies.

    What diagnostics have you done to determine the EMM was bad?

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