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    Differences between the GTX 215 and RXP 215

    There is one of each of these local to me, both 2004 models.

    Apart from external colours what are the differences between them?

    My interest peaked from Solas offering the 12/20 for the GTX and the 14/19 for the RXP.

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    Motors are the same. GTX is a 3 seater and the RXP is a 2.

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    RXP is faster and FAR easier to get towards 80s. If you like storage capactiy, people capacity and comfort then the GTX is the only way to go in that choice. Speed is nice but it's a long term choice so really decide how you want to ride and what it will be used for.

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    Don't forget water sports!! Not everyone is in it for speed. Laws state you need a 3 seater to tow anyone behind.
    Good luck!

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    Why do solas recommend using different props?

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    weight,drag,use all differant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waitey View Post
    Why do solas recommend using different props?
    the 12/20 is for the 185 hp 155 mm pump and the 14/19 is for the 215 hp 159 mm pump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXPJAY View Post
    Don't forget water sports!! Not everyone is in it for speed. Laws state you need a 3 seater to tow anyone behind.
    Good luck!
    OP didn't say where he lives. Our lake house is in Kentucky, where there are no such laws. You can waterski with only one person in boat or ski, just need mirrors.

    I wouldn't pull anyone with either an RXP or GTX. I have a wakeboard boat for that.

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    The gtx is a little bit heavier ski.
    It's 3 passengers
    More stable for rough waters.
    Test the both out a see what fits your needs..
    Ride them both for Atleast 20+ min to see if they are worthy of being bought.
    Rip on...

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