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    2001 gtx wont beep or turn over

    Having read some other threads i cannot find my answer. So at the risk of asking the same question again, here I go. I have a 2001 gtx that will not give any audible beeps and will not turn over. Now here is the history. Bought the ski in none running condition. Would not turn over then, or even power up. Removed engine, entirely rebuilt, replaced starter with a NIB one. Went over every single connection point on entire ski. installed motor and cannot get to beep or turn. i have tested every circuit, according to the manual. Dash will power up and modes and functions work suggesting a working brain. Have power to solenoid and when start button is pushed it transfers voltage to power cable. Checked every fuse, every wire for resistance, etc. Now heres the big one. I tested the buzzer circuit and all appears to be working. Ski is flashing high temp warning just like its supposed to during the test, but no audible beeping. Why is that? There is only one power wire going to starter, so i am assuming its a natural ground to the engine. i am wondering if there is a circuit from the buzzer to the starter that is missing or what am i missing. Very frustrating when things appear to functioning but obviously not. Dont understand why buzzer circuit is testing good but no audibles. i feel like a hybrid of Einstein and Charlie Browns Pig Pen. Frazzled hair and covered in dirt. Any help and/ or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Just wanted to pass on some of my findings to maybe help someone else out in the future. After all, i found the answer to my problem from a post way back in 2008. I took the starter out, bench tested, it worked fine. Swapped batteries, used a non running car to direct jump at the starter while in machine, etc,etc. The answer came when i directed wired car battery into ski, meaning took the ski battery out and replaced with car battery for a test. Cranks like a champ. End result is despite all my efforts and trouble shooting, it was not getting enough voltage to spin the high compression. If someone had suggested to me that it was not getting enough voltage, despite direct jumping from a car battery i would never even given that a second thought. But the results speak loud and clear. Bought a heavier 16CLB battery. Problem solved

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    correction. battery that was in it was a 16. Replaced with a 20CLB. Dont know wear my head was, but info is now correct. Btw determined that the sounding device is bad, and that is why not hearing anything.

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