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    keeping water out of your hoohoo

    So the wife heard from a friend, that knew a lady, that went to school with a third cousin of some hairdresser, that got hurt pretty bad after a water jet got between her legs.

    other than a full on or shorty wet suit, would those one piece unitards do the job or does it need to be neoprene. all she does is hold on to me, never alone or on the tube and i keep it under 40 or so when shes on.

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    When I bought my 300x, I was really exited so I ran home and watched the CD that came with the ski. One of the warnings on the video was about Jet Blast into various body parts.

    I bought my wife and myself swim trunks with a neoprene liner. Jetpilot and Slippery make them and they are very comfortable.

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    I have nothing to add, but your title made me chuckle

    I should probably order those shorts wsmc90 is talking about

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    Man I have rode for a bunch of years. I heard about those things happening but man ride and have fun. It is just one of those we got to tell ya or we might have to write ya a check LOL

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    I'd say your friend of a friend of a friend of your wife has more chance hurting her hoohoo in the shower (a "self-inflicted" injury) than from a PWC, unless she was trying something really stupid

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    its happened. a racer on tour last year for lack of a better term, tore himself a new asshole from it.

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    picked her up a wet suit today. was half off so couldn't say no, plus it makes her feel better. a safe hoohoo is a happy hoohoo

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    btw that's hoo-hah

    good move on the wetsuit..prevents sunburn and jetwash injuries..and they look good too....

    I never miss a chance to spread the love around.....

    actual Yamaha warning sticker ( these days toned down a bit)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    a safe hoo-hah is an unsatisfied hoo-hah.......beat that hoo-hah up!! Inability to walk when im finished is the best hoo-hah..... HA lol enough of that just had to get it out my system!

    on another note a chick flew off the back of my ski. Im sure her hoo-hah was fine but her leg getting takin out by the sponson of another ski......not so much. Diving in and saving said girl did result in some nice hoo-hah though not gonna lie. lol

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    Definitely a justified concern.
    I think about it every time a female or anyone gets on the back of our skis...

    Kawasaki Jet Ski Verdict of $1.5 Million Affirmed
    11th Circuit affirmed a $1.5 million product liability judgment to a Georgia woman whose vaginal and anal cavities were tragically gutted by water shooting from the back of a jet ski...


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