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    Polaris sl 650 mods

    I have a Polaris 1992 sl 650. I need a baseline for jetting for mods done. PSI pipe and westcoast waterbox, fiber reeds , reed spacers . cleaned up ports on cylinders and blended entry to ports. I installed triple outlet fuel pump and installed a different fuel log on carbs off of a slx780. i eliminated choke and installed a primer kit.The air filter is off of a slx 780 open element. stock jetting is # 80 on low speed and # 80 on high. What should increment be for jetting????
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    Wow, that is a lot of upgrades for a 1992 SL650!

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    Yeah. Igot this really cheap and after reading about all the issues of the early models Ifigured i would correct them and it kinda went from there.

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