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    oil on a 1994 polaris 750 sl

    hello, last fall i purchesed my first jet ski a 1994 polaris 750 sl. Now it did not come with a owners manual. I was wondering wahat oil i have to use in it? nothing has been bipassed it still has the oil pump. Now i was reading somtings online and some brands will gum up the oil pump? so what would be the best brand to buy? thank you!

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    Lots of oil threads already posted. Search for EGD to find more posts.

    The oil pump will not get 'gummed up', with any normal 2-stroke oil. The Polaris Pro 785 engines have 'power valves' that require a clean burning oil, and in general a high grade clean burning oil is a good thing for these engines. Many SeaDoo brand 2-stroke engines also have specific oil requirements.

    Best oil brand is an 'it depends' question. Optimal for cost, OR optimal for engine life, OR easiest to purchase almost anywhere, OR some combination?

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