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    2002 Polaris Virage 700, little spark. Got wet.

    2002 Virage, red engine, LR-505 4010568-057 electrical. My daughter use it this weekend and the bilge hose was knocked of when a new battery was installed. Ski filled half way up with water. Would not crank. Brought it home and I pulled electrical box off and there was moisture in the box. I disconnected the 8 pin harness from the stator and dried it out. Pulled everything out of the box and dried with blower, let everything sit for 2 days. Put box back together ( did not disconnect any wires) and checked plugs and they had good spark. Started up ok. Put electrical box back together and closed the 4 locks. Very little spark, would not crank. Took box back off and removed Lr-505 and CDI, looked for anything that might be disconnected. Put everything back in and it started. Put box back on the plate and locked it back in. No or little spark.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like a wire is broken, pulled loose or perhaps pinched between the case halves.

    LR-505 bypass requires a wire connection to be moved to re-enable cranking without the module.

    As always, make sure the battery is well charged, but not overcharged.

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    Thanks K447, I have been looking at your posts and have looked at all the info on testing the electrical system that you have posted. Wasn't sure if I needed to do all of that before just checking everything out . The ski has 160 hours on it and I have never had a problem with it. Had 2 Kawasakis before this Virage. I will check the wiring this weekend. Wasn,t sure if the water caused a problem or not so I will check wires and then start checking ohm if I don't find a pinched wire.


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