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    First ski, '93 750sx?

    I am looking for my first ski. My uncle has a seadoo gsx sit-down which is a blast. I rode a couple brand new 4 strokes down in the bahamas on a vacation and they were slugs compared my my uncles old 2 stroke. But I have been reading that the stand ups are more fun! I wakeboard quite a bit and have been racing motocross and riding snowmobiles for about 5 years. So i am not worried about like too much power or anything like that. I am mostly going to be riding lakes with a little bit of chop but not much. The problem is i can't get any of my riding buddies to buy one with me. Is it going to get boring alone? I found a '93 kawi 750 sx for $1000. He said it has a fresh rebuild. What do you guys think? Also what kind of fuel consumption does these get? My uncles eats through like 15 gallons in a couple hours, hopefully the stand ups aren't as bad?

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    Not ignoring you, I just don't have any experience with the standups. The 750 should be a very good performer, not boring!

    Perhaps you'll make some new friends.

    Fuel consumption won't be too bad on a 750.

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    welcome to the hulk!

    by the way, almost all rental places have the yamaha vx sport model, which is not very powerful. alomst anything could out perform it (no offense to the vx guys here). you could go buy a brand new $14,000 4 stroke yamaha fzs and trust me, 70mph wont feel sluggish! and a few aftermarket parts and 80 wont be to shabby either

    i highly suggest trying a stand up jet ski before buying one. I took to it very fast and got the hang of it quickly but there are people who just never really take to it, it may not be what you expect. they are fairly unstable and flip over easily but once you get the hang of it, its a blast. being able to wakeboard is good because it shows that you have good balance. as for fuel, my 650sx will last the whole day on a full tank (4-5 gallons). the 750 may eat it a bit faster but it will still last you a while. the 750 will probably do about
    40ish mph. but with stand ups its usually about doing tricks not so much speed. you can definitly make alot of friends to ride with through GreenHulk, check the community section and there will be a bunch of riding groups listed. find one in your area and ask to join.

    If everything is in good condition $1000 seems like a good price for this time of year.

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    Yea go for it...great ski...great will never sit on a "couch" again.

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