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    2003 FX 140 No spark, cluster not working, worked from other

    I have two fx140's one 03 the other 02. The 02 we are stripping previous owner did a poor job at rebuilding motor... the 03 needed the coil pack. the coil pack gave spark when on the 02 but now that its on the 03 no spark engine just turns the cluster doesn't turn on either. neither cluster. I changed computers and nothing. checked all ground cables, everything is fine. the only thing I saw different on both skis was the wiring. the 02 has 3 cables that go towards the front and the 03 has 4 cables towards the front.. regulator is fine, battery is reading 12.8. not sure what else it could be

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    the bilge pump doesn't seem to be coming on either (scratch that, very low)

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    check your fuses 3 amp and 20 amp fuse.

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    placing test light on ground only the 20 amp lights up on both sides both 3 amps nothing but look good not broken, I believe I would need to hit the start button for those to light up right? cant do both.

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    Not getting fuel either.

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