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    Jetski cleaning products

    Just wondering what cleaning products you guys use. How often should I clean it after every use or just spray it down? Any other helpful cleaning tips.

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    I wash or wipe down with a waterless wash every ride.

    If you live in an area that has hard water like me then mix vinegar and water 1 to 4 in a spray bottle and wipe down to control water spots as needed. Wax after you clean up water spots with vinegar mix.

    I usually wax once a month in riding season with collinite 915.
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    I only ride in salt water. After each ride I flush the engine with fresh water for 2 minutes then run salt away for another minute or so. After that I use the rest of the salt away mixture to spray down the trailer, ski and anything else that came with me. I then wipe it all dry with a soft cloth that shines it up, I also wax the ski once every 2 months or so. Also Once in a about every 2 months I spray down the inside with salt away then dry it all out. After cleaning the inside I spray the engine and everything with fluid film, this prevents any corrosion from setting in. So far almost 60 hours and looking brand new (as it should be)

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    Several people have recommended this. It comes with everything you need in one deal

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