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    2000 gensis FFI ROM checksum out of range

    First DI ski worked on many boat motors with this system never came across This code. ROM checksum out of range? I fixed a lot of wires that where corroded and lots of loose connections coils grounds just about every connection ect. I got the ski cheap the guy thought the motor was froze up Said the guy must have not winterized it right. Said it ran fine last year the sticker expired in 2012 Well the first think i went after was the drive line. Sure enough pump bearing bad no problem rebuild pump. Took drive shaft out Tired to start a few times to start finally ran like junk. I fixed the TPS connector with a new one solider in heat shrink. Runs real good now but still have check engine light. When i Clear it I get ROM checksum out of range. Any Ideas I am lost now.

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    Got my answer from DFI bad switching circuit in EMM off to rebuild...

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