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    2013 RXP-X - New generation, but is the motor bulletproof after 6-7 years?

    Hi guys,

    New to the forums. In the process of buying my first ski. (Not renting anymore!)

    I'm looking at a 2013 RXP-X 260. They are willing to sell it for $14,299. Is that a good deal? A local dealer is selling a 2012 RXP-X brand new for $13,000? Which one is worth it? Both are new.. but one is $1,200 cheaper than the other. Will a year old ski screw me in the long run?
    With the 1503cc SC'ed motor in service for so long.. Is there anything I should be ready for regarding reliability? The ceramic washer plague came and went. I want to ensure reliability.. sure.. I could buy a FZR.. but I want the fastest ski available.
    Any hints for a newbie? I haven't seen much posts on the RXP-X 260 in the last couple pages. Secondly; if anyone could point me to the best HP/$ mods.. that would be PLENTY of help. I've looked through the stickies and can't really find any answers?

    Anything I should watch out for regarding oils, best bang for buck mods, maintenance hints?

    SO MANY QUESTIONS. Sorry. I'm ready to pull the trigger today or tomorrow!

    Been a lurker here since 08'!

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    Welcome to Greenhulk.

    77 hrs and counting. If I was you, I would buy the 2012.

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    I just went through this. I found no reason to get the 2013. Got the 2012 RXTX new for $13,025. The 13s were going for $1500+ more. I'm at 8 hours and loving it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geo2JZ View Post
    I just went through this. I found no reason to get the 2013. Got the 2012 RXTX new for $13,025. The 13s were going for $1500+ more. I'm at 8 hours and loving it.
    Quote Originally Posted by troyheb View Post
    Welcome to Greenhulk.

    77 hrs and counting. If I was you, I would buy the 2012.

    Okay. I'm calling the place.
    Since they are both new, and the 2013's aren't moving down in price. I'd prefer the 2012 model. There is NO difference? besides stickers maybe?

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    I'm researching buying my first ski at the moment. One of the things I've found is that the sale of a used ski depends a LOT more on the hours than the year model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXP-X4ME View Post
    There is NO difference? besides stickers maybe?
    No difference.... not even the stickers.

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    The other dealer just called me back.

    Offered 2013 RXP-X 260 for $13,500?
    Or 2012 RXP-X 260 for $13,000?

    Damn it. LOL.

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    I would go with the 2013. If i'm not mistaken they changed the intercooler on the 2013! 2012 had some leaking issues.

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    I'm am otw to look at/buy a 2012 rxtx and rxpx with 10 hours for$20,000 with double trailer. You're going to spend close to that on one ski after taxes,trailer, etc. I'd keep an eye on used models unless you just have to have new.

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    Well, the 2012 rxpx you're buying for hopefully 13k OTD with a trailer and warranty is worth 10,055 KBB after use. The 2013 rxpx with hopefully the same trailer, warranty, etc OTD at 13.5k is about 12,020 after you use it. KBB is rule of thumb IMHO, but a good reference point. For 500 initial difference you have 1,965 value in the 2013 and less depreciation. If you buy used, make sure to have an extended warranty and keep in mind it's value vs condition.

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