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    Thumbs up 97' XP engine into a 99' XP hull...I know I knowww just look!

    OK so before all the negative flak begins the reason I post this is purely because of my situation. Obviously I would favor having the 951 in the 99 over having the 780 somethin that its in the 97 but here is my dilemma:

    I have a 97 XP with a pretty beat hull, controls and seat and is almost not worth rebuilding but has a mint, freshly rebuilt engine that has awesome compression and is healthy.

    Parked next to it is a 99 XP with the completely opposite issues...absolutely mint hull, body etc etc, with a rod through the block...

    So what is involved in swapping my good engine into the good ski and has anyone done it?


    ps- dont tell me to use search... I tried

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    A lot of fiberglass work

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    Yes; you have to put a new front mount; I don't recall if the rears are the same offset. I seem to recall that the exhaust system is reversed between 787 and 951 versions of the XPL, I could be mistaken. You would need the right MPEM, some harness work. Probably some PTO/driveshaft work too.

    I am one of the few that actually like the 787 version of the late XP better than the 951 version. I had both at the same time, and while the 951 clearly had more power and speed, the lighter 787 seemed much more balanced and controllable.

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