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    oil leaking into rear compartment on 1999 Yamaha XL 1200 LTD

    Trying to determine where oil is coming from that collects on the floor of rear compartment on 1999 Yamaha XL 1200 LTD
    Anyone have any suggestions

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    Oil usually only comes from a few places and if you are seeing oil in your hull anywhere DO NOT RIDE IT UNTIL YOU ARE 100% sure where it is coming from...#1 oil injection line pulled off cabr. VERY BAD...#2 oil accumulating in air box and dripping into hull.. #3 oil tank leaking..

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    Is the oil clean or used? How does the engine run?

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    oil is clean
    engine runs fine
    operated ski for past two seasons like this
    i can wipe hull completely dry and it will eventually puddle
    i did notice what appeared to be oil when i recently had the drive shaft out
    do you think it could be the rear seal

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