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Thread: My new SHO's

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    My new SHO's

    I'm new to the sport and was having trouble deciding on the right ski's. At first I thought I wanted a pair of 300x's, then I realized the FX was the ski I should get. I tried to buy used, there were 300x's available, but every FX SHO was sold. So last week after price shopping I bought 2 new 2013 SHO Cruisers. Not only low maintenance, 87, reliability, and high resale value it was a no brainer to buy Yamaha. I bought from Yamaha of Hickory, NC, I wanted to mention the dealer simply because they were a great dealer to buy from. They went out of their way to make sure I was happy and gave me a great price $13910 each out the door.

    We got to break them in today, we rode for two hours on Lake Norman this afternoon, and got a nice warning ticket from the wildlife officer for not having my life vest on 20 ft from the ramp. My wife had never rode and I was consumed with making sure she was settled in I was idling out and forgot to put it on. It was on the seat behind me I put it on and he still called me over to inspect my registration and write the warning ticket.

    I have I have a lot of shopping still to do, I need to get safety items, fender bumpers, bungee dock lines ect...Anyways, I wanted to introduce myself, I mostly read the great information you guys post, many thanks!

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    Nice setup! And welcome to geenhulk!

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    good choice. many years of trouble free riding

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    Nice rides! I received a ticket my first time out too. Not having registration sticker on the ski. They were in the mail from the DMV and apparently my temporary reg meant nothing to him.

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    Explosia, You wrote the following in the KAW Forum on May 1 in a thread that you started:

    So I made my mind up! Last week I made a deal with the dealer for 2 new 2012 300x's and put down a $500 deposit

    I hope they refunded your Deposit. Also in that same Post you appeared very well "versed" on many of the 300's shortcomings, so I was surprised how you would have gotten to the point of putting a down payment on the 300 considering all of its ills and shortcomings (and there are many, trust me) . . . .

    Well with all that in the rear view mirror, I am glad you agree that the FX SHO Yamaha is the best all around Flagship PWC available in the market today. Enjoy the summer and let us know how much you are enjoying those new Yamaha's JB

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    Yes he was a Kawi, Yamaha, and Suzuki dealer, he can sell me either ski....or a hayabusa if I could figure out how to make it drive on water. Even though I put down the deposit over the phone, he never did run my card. I still price shopped and would've went elsewhere if there was a significant savings. But he matched the cheapest price I found, and had great service.

    As far as the 300's shortcomings, I was convinced it was owners putting in 87 or mixing boosters of some sort that was causing engine problems. So all I had to do was be vigilant with my service and put the right fuel in and I would be all set. But one of my goals with my new pwc is to do a Bimini run, and exploring type rides. I was unsure what fuel would be available in Bimini, so I even called a marina to ask. I was told they always order premium, but sometimes get mid grade, and they never know what they will get. I also started thinking about some exploring trips, I would have to plan my fuel stops and call to make sure I could get 93 all the time. More thinking...if the 300 is so prone to corrosion, it probably wouldn't be good to have it sitting in salt water for 3-4 days in Bimini, or other long salt water trips. I just didn't need the freakin exhaust filter deciding to take a sh*t in the gulf stream on the way back. I know, I already thought of bringing spare exhaust filters for both ski's...but I just don't need the headache. I wrote that post in the Kawi section, when deep inside I already knew the answer. For some reason I needed you guys to tell me!

    So even though I could have bought a pair of 300's $2k cheaper (each), I decided to make the investment on reliable ski that takes 87, and doesn't need to be fogged after each salt water ride, valve adjustments, ect.... And I must say, I was really shocked to find that I COULD NOT find a used FX SHO with in 250 miles that was not sold. That told me a lot about the demand and resale of these ski's. I did not want to drop the coin it took to get two new ones, but I wasn't going to let the summer go by while I was waiting for a used pair of ski's to magically pop for sale up near me. Plus there were lots of reds and blue's available, and I wanted carbon. Another plus is from what I read in this forum the 2013's have the new pulley and tensioner. What I was unsure about was if this ski had the bucking problem like the FZ's. But I assumed they don't because every thread I read about bucking never mentions the FX's.

    But thanks JB for pointing that out, maybe someone else who is on the fence will see my point of view and this may help them make the right decision also! Now someone answer me the hull huggers work?

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    Congrats. I bought the same machine. No bucking on the FX's.

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    Very nice skis! Enjoy!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuningforks View Post
    Congrats. I bought the same machine. No bucking on the FX's.

    Thanks...your avatar always freaks me out lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Explosia View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by tuningforks View Post
    Congrats. I bought the same machine. No bucking on the FX's.

    Thanks...your avatar always freaks me out lol
    me too

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