bare with me, I'm a newby LOL.

Ok I do not own a manual yet was looking for some insite.
I am running water to T in line that runs into rear of head at top. water is coming out of pump, rear cylinder is cool, pipe is warm, front cylinder is warmer due to circulating through pipe, bottom of front cylinder is just warm, but the top of cylinder near exhaust is noticably warmer not so hot you cant feel it.
does this sound normal as far as cooling with water hose at home

Next? I have water leaking at bottom of center section of pipe. from what i have read this is common. Whats the fix? Can"t I just weld a patch over holes?

Next? the lower small line coming off the center pipe running to the regulator, should this port be suppliing exhaust pulse's to the regulator?

Next? the hose attached at the top of the exhaust header is a exit port for water, I can suck some water up through the hose then it will gravity flow if I lay hose into bottom of hull. is this normal when running off water hose? or Is the pump wore out and needs a new rebuild and or a wear ring?

Thanks for any help in advance.