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    Sea Doo iCATCH trailer.. but for $1800?

    What's the deal?

    Everyone I keep reading about these "iCatch" trailers having an MSRP of $1,399..

    But the two most popular dealers in the area. I was quoted for $2,300 for one then went down to $1,800, and then $1,500 from another for one WITHOUT the walk pad?
    So are they really $1,800 like here?

    Or am I just crazy? I love the idea of it. I know they have fixed the cables over a couple recent threads reading about it.. but what's with the price gouging?!

    It's the single, with the iCatch and the walk pad. So what gives?

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    There is one for sale in the trailer classifieds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin RXT-X View Post
    There is one for sale in the trailer classifieds
    Pm'ed the guy! But is 1800 a decent deal?

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    They are outrageously priced....And a pain in the ass to put together, we wont order any more of them....

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    Get a Triton if you can. Its hands down the best trailer out there.

    For reference, I bought a Triton Elite double for 1900 bucks before tax, and that was with the upgraded aluminum wheels. Seems like an awful pricey trailer, especially for a single.

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    I have used mine a couple times and found it to be very nice. It sure made launching real easy with my wife and I at the Boat ramp. Its nice, but I have 2 newer ski's and have a double, so it is for sale.

    I am the one selling it in the classifieds. Shipping could probably be had cheap on as they bid on the shipping and hope they pick up a couple shipments in your direction as it makes it cheaper. John at Unishippers is also a great place to look.

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    Well, they are made by Karavan and Karavan is a top tier company, plus the assembly and I catch design from seadoo....I would justify the cost, they are reallllyyyyyy nice.

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    Well I messaged you Water, if we could figure out shipping! I'm buying the trailer later today, but if you can ship. I'd rather save myself about 800 dollars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taz01 View Post

    Just picked up a 13' model trailer for $1500. Black. With iCATCH and walkpad!

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