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    Polaris Help

    I am looking into buying my first pwc. I found a 2004 msx 150 with 107 hours for $3000. Is this a good deal and what kind of problems do these commonly have? I have read a lot of negative when it comes to Polaris(expensive to fix, cannot find a mechanic and so on).

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    If you don't plan on doing the work yourself, I would steer clear of the 110/150. They are great motors when they run, but money pits when they dont.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    I have an MSX 150... and everything about it is EXPENSIVE. And you will have to do all the work yourself. The Weber engines in the 2004 MSX 110 and 2004 MSX 150... both only offered for one year... are pretty rare and most places won't touch them. Not necessarily true of all the other Polaris models (2-strokes).

    They are the only Polaris 4-stroke engines... and turbocharged... which is cool... and when they run right... they are a blast. But they have a number of known "issues"... none of which are cheap to fix.

    For your first ski... I honestly would say keep looking.


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    Where are you located? I have a 94 SL650 and a 94 SLT750(With mods) for sale. both have had carbs rebuilt, new fuel lines, new fuel selectors.

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