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    how to change the rear traction pad that uses the rivits

    how to change out rear trac mat and how to remove the rubber bumper wat are the rivits for? 04 gp1300r

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    The rivets have a little button that is in the rivet hollow center. You need to get a small screw driver and drive it in from the side to remove the little rivet cap, then drill the heads off the rivets.

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    +1 on that. when i put my bumper back on i just used rivets again but if thats not an option, im sure you can improvise with some nuts and bolts

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    I am not sure how it is on the GPR, Rich would certainly know.
    On my FZR when I just replaced my bumpers and rails, I carefully drilled the rivet head. Once the head was gone, I was able to push the rivet through from outside towards the hull. I tried the longer rivets and apparently weren't long enough and my rivet gun didnt have a long enough nose to really get in there enough. So, I went with Stainless Steel round cap screw and nylon lock nut. Worked perfectly.

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