Guys, great news these are available for immediate shipping.

This is the same ECU we were lucky enough to get early and install on Josh's ski. A build up thread on Josh's ski is here

His ski is running extremely well and is ready to rock in roll for the summer

You can have a look at all of the available base maps on this page

A product video

If you are interested in this product thank you for keeping your sales on the forum. Don't forget the greenhulk coupon code for additional savings

RIVA/Athena Pro-Series Yamaha ECU

The RIVA/ATHENA Pro-Series ECU provides a huge performance advantage to the Yamaha 1.8L Engine delivering over 50hp to the stock SHO engine. ECU is...
RY11871-ECU-DC $1,299.95

RIVA/Athena Dash Logger

Key Features Include: Large easy-to-read backlit screen. Compact design allows handlebar mount with optional mounting pad. Rugged waterproof...
RY11840-LD-MD60 $994.95

Dash Logger Connection Cable for all Yamaha 1.8L

This cable is needed to connect the Athena Dash Logger to the Athena ECU
RY11841-MD60-EC $79.95

RIVA/Athena Dual Map Swith for Athena ECU

High quality waterproof switch allows user to choose from two calibration Maps when connected to RIVA Pro-Series ECU's. Military-spec switch mounts...
RY11841-DMS-ECU-DC $199.95

RIVA/Athena Lamda Kit for Athena ECU

The LC-1 is a complete wideband Lambda controller built into a sealed cable and wired specifically to connect to RIVA Pro-Series ECU's via a...
RY11540-LC1-6S5-1 $259.95

RIVA/Athena Electronic Boost Controller for Turbo Applications

Provides electronic boost control for turbo applications via high quality, multi-port soleniod valve. Unit plugs directly into ECU expansion lead...
RY11840-BC-ECU-DC $139.95

Athena dash logger mounting bracket kit
RY11841-LD-MB $99.95

Athena Dash Logger Cross-Bar Mount

Standard "Cross-bar" style handlebar pad mount for RIVA/Athena Dash Logger.
RY203-MD60-CB $54.95