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    07 Honda Aquatrax F12-x HELP 2 skis 2 problems! =(

    Hey everyone,

    I have 2 07 F12-Xs both of them have problems that recently occured.

    I have just got them out of the shop and got both of the exhaust manifolds swapped out to new oem ones, they have holes rusted into them.

    ski 1 - on first start up, runs fine with the occasional stutter, and can get wide open to 60mph, spools up fine, after a couple minutes of riding then it goes to limit mode and the f1 code is thrown and starts beeping. if i pull out the key and restart the ski then it will just replicate it. any ideas?

    ski 2 - Runs extremely rough, as in the whole thing is shaking, and it sounds rough when you ride it. Alot deeper sounding and at full throttle its only goin 40mph, feels as if the turbo isnt spooling up. (could this be misfiring?)

    Any help would be great please!!!! I just paid $3k to get the manifolds replaced in both. so im trying to DIY at home.

    also-generally i havent hit 7k rpm in FOREVER at full throttle... any ideas?

    THank you!!


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    one running rough sounds like a cylinder is dead.......pull plugs and check/replace with the FI light you need to pull the code and see what the fault is.........

    it could be knock sensor fault, overboost fault,........make sure turbo is lubercated the wastegate rod and make sure it moves freely

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    I'd be paying a visit to the guy that the 3k check was made out to.....

    but that's just me....

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    Yea a good mechanic would have tested each ski after installing 3k in work to make sure u felt good (or better ) about handing over 3k... Sounds like a greese monkey took Ur bananas .
    As for the 40mph ski . theirs a plug attached to each coil . I'm pretty sure u can pull one at a time wile its running to see which cylinder is dead. Hopefully its just a plug or coil . gone bad not allowing enough back pressure to spool turbo thus keeping u from reving over 4000.
    For the "fi" ski pull code . its probably over boost related map sensor might be getting bad boost signal, wgs might have got stuck open . thinking its not a major problem .
    As for 7000+ rpm ... A 12x will only rev to 6540 that's it . a stock ski should be at 6150+-100

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    Who has the 04 with the wide band o2 and methanol injection?

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    You will never see 7K RPM. With stage 2 MACSBoost mods, I have only seen 6410 RPM in the cool dry air of the fall. Normally I see 6300 RPM.
    Also, there may be more information (search) on PWC Today forum. It's not too active these days, but there is lots of info that may help you out. Good luck.
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