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Thread: Help me decide

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    Help me decide

    Hey guys, I am in the process of buying a new seadoo and am down to 2 models. GTI 155 limited and the Wake 155.
    I also plan on getting a new trailer and cover for it.
    For me, before the cover and trailer are added, the limited ski costs about $200 more than the Wake.
    I know the limited comes with a cover($200 value) and the HPVT. So, it essentially costs the same as the wake 155 since I plan of getting a cover anyway.

    I plan on pulling a tube here and there, but no real intentions at this moment to pull a wakeboarder/skier.
    My question is the ski pylon really worth it on the wake and is the high performance VTS and touring seat worth it on the limited 155?

    Just trying to get some input!


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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    Go with the Ltd imo

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    I love the color scheme on the Wake but I would go with the 155 Limited for sure. What's the color scheme on the LTD...the gray/black/red?
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    I would go with the 155 LTD for sure,Yes the touring seat is worth it on the 155 LTD and I believe it comes with course control. Besides that gray on the 155 LTD is really nice

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    Thanks for the input!
    I mainly want the pylon for my passengers to hold on to for more support (my girlfriend isn't fond of turning around spotting).
    Another question: is it easy to get a skier up on the water without the pylon(just using the tow eye)?

    Overall, I'm probably going to get the Limited 155 within the next 2 weeks and I'm pumped

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    Yes the tow eye works great.

    That 155 will have no problems pulling anything you hook to it.

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    If you won't be wakeboarding definately go with the LTD.

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    You could always add the ski pylon on the gti. I added the exact one thats on the new wake's on my 2003 gtx. very easy took about a hour tops.

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    Go with the GTI. Yes, VTS is worth it.

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    Actually I'm surprised the wake does not have vts.
    Sea Doo should know that vts helps drastically with towing anything.
    You can trim down and keep the nose planted.

    Go with the limited and add the pylon!!!!!!

    Trust me.

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