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    What is it worth to rebuild a Tigershark?

    My girlfriend's dad offered me his 97 or 98 Tigershark.

    It is either a 640 or 770cc 2-stroke.

    The engine is trashed and I will find out what exactly went wrong later in the week.
    I beleive it through a rod or a bearing went out.

    The engine was rebuilt and bored before and had about 5 hrs. on it before it blew up.

    I am going to offer $3-400 for it with a trailer.

    How much $$$ am I looking at to repair it assuming the crank is good and it jut needs new pistons/rods.

    Is a Tigershark worth $2k-2500 rebuilt as a trade in??

    Thanks alot guys.

    I hope this is in the right form.


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    Not sure? I bought my polaris SL650 with trailer for $1000 last year, and it was in running condition. I replaced the pump bearings, new fuel pump and I have had zero problems out of it.

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    I'd pass! unless the trailer is worth the 400.00? Z

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    Real hard to find parts for. It may be a challange (and expensive) just to rebuild it. If the crank is bad, you'll pay more just to rebuild it vs. what you paid for the whole thing. I'd say pass too! Maybe parts it out and make a little $$? MAYBE!!!!

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    Buy it for whatever the trailer's worth. Then part it out. sharks have been out of the game for longer than polaris, and people need parts. They do command good prices on ebay. It's just simply not worth fixing.

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    i was just about 2 say the say thing buy it an part it out on ebay if you want a trailer ,

    make most of the parts buy now 5$-50$ shouldnt last long 2 pay off the new trailor

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    Alright I got info on it. 1997 770 2-Stroke.

    The only thing I know about the engine is sketchy. Last year they did a top end rebuild on it and bored it out.

    I realized that this doesn't make sense. It was what I was told.

    Now the guy tested the compression using the ol' put your finger over the spark plug hole trick. The 1st cylinder blew his finger away while the second cylinder didn't.

    Perhaps a dropped valve or a hole in the piston?

    He said $300 takes it w/ trailer.

    Any idea what possible problem is???

    Also is there anywhere to get more info on the tigershark? or the 770cc engine in general or aftermarket stuff?

    Thanks alot guys.

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    If the trailer's good, go for it. . . Part the ski out, take the $$ and buy a ski to put on the trailer. you could probably get at least a grand for the parts.

    I realy, realy hate to say this, but check out they have a shark section and will have more insight. . .maybe.

    I don't believe I just said that

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    Well I am gonna buy it. any one need parts?

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    If you get it, pull the head and see whats up with it. Maybe you can throw a piston in it and clean the carbs ( if it didnt break a rod ) Or you can always part it out.

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