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    Xlt 1200 2002

    Hi, I have a XLT 1200 on trailer with flush kit work perfect, but when I put on the water don't work, I removed the seat on the water and the servo motor YPVs work good (is aligned the hold on the plate and the cylinder, the cable play is ok), compression test 120, 110, 120. the engine when is on the water sound like when the choke is on, somebody have experience with this issue? Thx

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    you most be the guy from LA.

    did you check the catcon ? make sure it dint broke and its clogging the exhaust, also I have seen few servo motors that don't rotate all the way . remove your cables and make sure the valves are free. rotate the pv shaft to make sure all the valves are free from carbon.
    the only way I know to check the servo motor itself , is to draw a line on the servo motor, I remove the rubber boot and draw one line on the close position and the other line on the open position, that way when you go to the water you can see the full rotation from line to line.
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    Thank you Mike I'll check

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