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    Exclamation Charging a New Battery?

    Just picked up a battery for my Ultra150. Its the first one I've bought that I had to fill myself. Anyway on to the question. I started charging it at 1:00 pm and the instructions say to charge the battery for 19 hours. Now my Battery Charger has the battery percentage and its says its at 100% after only 6 hours.

    So should I leave it charging till 8am? Or is it done early? Its been on the 2amp setting. I don't want to boil the battery.


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    I use my maintainer which puts out 1.5 amps. I have never had a new battery take 19 hours to fully charge, but never had one charge in just 6 hours either at that charge rate. If it holds around 13 volts, then its ready to go. Do you have an automatic charger? The automatic charger will kick into a maintainer mode once the battery is fully charged, and will not boil the battery, just maintain a full charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 150ofUltra View Post
    ... Its been on the 2amp setting. I don't want to boil the battery.

    Is your charger a modern, well made charger? If yes, it should properly manage the charge rate and should not be overcharging the battery, regardless of how long it is connected.

    A modern battery charger should switch to a 'float' mode when it senses the battery is 'full'. Float mode just means the charging voltage is reduced to a level that no longer pushes current into the battery, but simply maintains the battery chemistry at 100% charged.

    I would never use a 'dumb' charger on these small watercraft batteries. Even 2 Amps is a significant charge amperage for a 19 Amp hour battery.

    Is your battery a traditional lead-acid type battery, or a modern AGM type battery? AGM batteries are better batteries, but require the charger to be 'AGM compatible'.

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    it's an SLA Sealed Lead Acid battery. Charge it at the rate specified in the instructions. Failure to do so compromises the life of that battery.

    Wear goggles when working around battery acid

    things happen..mostly not good things either.

    let the battery rest a few hours, top it off if needed ( shouldn't) and then hit it for another hour, let it rest an hour, then take a voltage read.

    and that folks, is why I don't d acid ( batteries)

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    So I left it on the charger till 8pm. It was only on for 7 hours. My charger was switching on and off doing its maintain charge thing. The battery voltage was 12.87 at 11pm lat night and 12.8 this morning. So its good.
    Thanks for the responses. Just wanted to check with some people.

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