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    HELP!!!! waveraider 1100 carb butterfly bent etc etc

    Ok, long story short had some air leaking issues and some bogging recently, took off my flame arrestors and noticed my front carb was open more than the other two. Tried adjusting and got all three closed except the front side of the carb..The butterfly was touching in the back not the front..opened to WOT and realized the plate was bent...tried fixing it by bending it back and needless to say i made it worse(i made it better first then went a bit overboard to make it perfect which made it worse) So, i need to replace this butterfly, problem is i can't pull it through the shaft out the bottom like you're suppose to because the top is the piece thats bent and theres that piece above it at the top so cant go out that way....what do i do??... Thanks!

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    Snap the shaft as a new shaft comes with a 38 rebuild in most cases.

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    you have to buy the shaft kit which is like $40 , i almost bought that and just bought the screws instead, so i was hoping to not have to break it and buy that kit, but i may end up having too

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    I would pull the plate down until it gets tight then hold onto the throttle rod and tweak on the plate with needle nose until it's straight enough to pull out. Once it's out you can beat it flat with a hammer and re-assemble. I did one not long ago. I'm still trying to figure out how it got bent in the first place.

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    i ended up having to cut the shaft out, i bent the plate so much trying to pull it through, thankfully a buddy had some spare parts for me to use. So issues fixed. Thanks though!!

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