For once, I'm actually posting something to offer instead of asking why my ski is broke or questions about how to fix it. The Yamaha XL700 doesn't have a fuel gauge and most people seem to think that it is too expensive to add one and not worth it; however, I think I have found an inexpensive solution. I ordered both a sending unit and compatible fuel gauge from for $90 shipped. I measured the depth of the tank from the top which was about 13.5" and then ordered the SUS 316 Stainless Steel Sensor with that length. I then ordered a stainless steel gauge which operates with similar operating ohms for another $30 from the same site. The XL700 fuel tank has an opening with a rubber cover near the front. This tank was apparently used on other models which did have a fuel gauge. I intend to mount the new sensor in the rubber blank area. Then, all I will have to do is run a ground to one side of the sensor and the other side of the sensor will go to the gauge. The gauge will require power so I intend to run it through a toggle switch which will also run the electric rule bilge pump that I added. I'll come back later and let you know how it worked out and add some photos. To me, having a fuel gauge is worth the $90.