New within last two years:
1. Battery Ė always charged removed from seadoo
2. Spark plug boots Ė which i believe are seated properly
3. Spark plugs
4. Starter
When purchased, the housing for the starter and ignition coil wasnít closed properly and it got swamped and housing was full of water for a great period of time, which was the reason for changing the starter. Worked fine after changing starter.
Things two things iíve touched and donít know about -
The vents on top of both cylinders and the one on top of the muffler??? Is what i believe it is. I have moved them in and out and donít know where they should be set to.
The throttle cable going to the stator i played with and the spring let go so i had to remove the part that holds the cable and reattach.
Now the seadoo has a hard time starting and is bogging down in the water. Running at 3500 rpm while in water. 7200 on land with a hose connected to the rear. Idles in the water at 1300 rpm.
I have read many different probable causes of this throughout this forum, but it would take me a solid week to try everything before i could know. I am hoping someone can give me an idea where i should focus my attention. It ran great last summer but now i have issues these issues, which i believe are caused by myself and something i have touched