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    Two Bad Fuel Level Sensors

    So I go pickup two used 2000 1100 STX DI last week, and assumed(bad thing to do) that both were low/out of gas when I was looking at them. On the way home I stopped to add gas to both only to find that both had plenty of gas.

    Both sensors measure 8 k(spec for empty tank) even with tank half or more full. I even pulled one of the sensors to verify this. If I apply an 0 Ohm (short) to either meter they both go to full. Did the 2000 Jet Skis have bad gas level sensors in the day, and the previous owners just lived with it, or am I missing something? Not that it matters that the skis are one number off per the HIN.


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    I got the same ski, and my fuel level sensor took a shit on me as I was out in the middle of the Atlantic. One of the scariest moments ever, even tho I knew I had plenty of gas, but it was the first time I ever took the ski out on the ocean so I was a lil on edge.

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    The sensor on my Ultra 150 failed after winter storage last season. I think the ethanol fuel might have something to do with it. I've got a new one, just haven't had time to replace it. When I do, I plan to disassemble the old one and see if I can figure out a way to fix it.

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    Any feedback on the reliability of these fuel level sensors?

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    The ski is 13 years old. Stuff is gonna start going bad such as sensors, senders, rubber hoses, gaskets, etc..

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    Well just got the two sensors in yesterday, install and both work now.

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    it's an ethanol/gummy fuel issue on kawasakis

    on Yamahas the magnet falls out of the foam

    on seadoos it's a blown fuse in the sender

    on Polaris it's s sunk float

    yathink they industry could have done a little better on gas gauges?

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    I just had my gas sensor go out this weekend. Where did you find yours and how hard is it to put in yourself?

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    The hardest part is getting the plastic nut off the back of the ignition switch in order to remove glove box. I ordered them from:

    They don't always respond to emails and the website does not reflect order status but I have found them to have lowest prices and do ship about a week after order.

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