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Thread: Gtx wont start.

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    Gtx wont start.

    hi again. need more help here. my 951gtx positively wont start. i have rebuilt engine and this just almost starts but wont. here is what i know. carbs rebuilt last year, rebuilt engine now, ignition time is correct. it is sucking fuel and returning it-can see that in the lines. new fuel, cleaned tank, no water contimination, new plugs, rave valves cleaned, etc. i am entirely out of ideas. thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. no matter how trivial you think they might be, it might be my missing link.

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    just another question here, but is there any chance i could have carbs on backwards or upside down. The adjustment screws are on top, and the fuel pump is on mag side carb. Return line on top, in line on bottom, fuel pulse line are all on mag carb. is this correct? Also checking to make sure fuel pulse line is the mag side fitting out if the crankcase and the rave valve solenoid is the pto fitting?

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    Did you compression test it?
    Are you getting spark to the plugs?

    If both these check out then its a fuel issue.

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    i have compression tested. 160 on both cylinders. Its a fresh rebuild. Also getting spark to the plugs. Even went as far as to pull mag cover just to make sure I had ignition timing correct. I too feel as though its a fuel issue. However i am getting wet plugs indicating its putting fuel into the cylinders. Any thoughts?

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