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    larger gas tank in 96 xp

    I run on the mississippi river most of the time and would like to install a larger gas tank out of another ski. Not sure if anyone has done this or which one would be the best to use. I was thinking a gsx or something 12-15 gallons. Just would like to ride further without watching the gas guage so much. Thanks

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    It will throw off the whole balance of the ski and piss you off

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    1997 GTS have one that fits as well as other early model GTS/GTI with tour tanksClick image for larger version. 

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    ya i was thinking about the balance thing but by the time i run up the beach i run half a tank out of it already. Generally dont start playing till after a couple drinks and some barges come by. I was looking at a tank like that gts on ebay and was looking at how it fills and the height if i would also need a different gas fill hose and sending unit pick up. The current tank is only around 11" tall and not sure how tall that one is??

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    anymore info anyone???

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    Strap a 5 gallon red tank on the back of the a custom tray that holds it down or modify one in the front where the storage bin goes... I would think anything bigger then the one you have you would have to pull the engine to install it, or you could get a boat.

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    Did you search here or pwctoday? Their was a thread a few years back about someone doing this. I think they used a 96 Gtx tank.

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    I wouldnt do it imo

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    I did it and love it. The front storage tray no longer fits and you will have to come up with a way to connect the filler tube. I put a 97 Speedster fuel gauge in the 95 XP800 dash location and it works great. The electrical box no longer fits in it's location. The front rides a little lower when full of coarse but all downsides are well worth the added range. Makes for a good river rider.

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