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    MSX150 good news story

    I rarely ski in our local river but found myself out in calm conditions on my trusty Weber powered MSX150
    It doesn't get out a lot nowadays with my other MSX somehow easier to hook up to the tow vehicle.

    Was with a couple of 80MPH modified Seadoos so backing off was not an option, sure they could go faster but certainly not for longer. Being so smooth I could stay hooked up and was able to sit on 7650 all day with some flashes of 7700 I have my dreamometer set in Kilometers and would show around 10
    Good performance with great fuel economy.

    Back on the trailer for a shampoo and waste gate lube and ready for its next outing.

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    Nice to hear a positive story

    What is your fuel burn rate when pegged at WOT for long periods?

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    Great to hear! What does that speed equal out to in mph?

    I've been getting some time on a stock MSX150... and it's not as fast as mine with the Precision Sports reflash... as we would expect.


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    Good one,
    it would be good to know your mph on gps,

    let it rip.

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