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    Cool need help from pros please

    I just rebuilt a yamaha 1200 xlt from crankshaft up new everything except stator and cdi starter it had 54 hrs with rear oil line off.I built it as usual checking crank,seals alignment endgap,It ran for 15 minutes on trailer varying speed from 1500 to 4500 rpm running 50 to 1 premix seat off not hot ,D ring install and chip chip was poorly fitting for this ski but made contact both wires ,all seemed weell turn off started 3 or 4 times running about 2500 rpm and ski died slow no seizing or locking up .Brought home no fire to spark plugs checked first place yamaha kill switch ok,Ground wire from stator to head was loose.Before I found that I checked all plugs for good connection,panel ligts up no alarm just no or very weak with all plugs out and it spinning over fast with all 3 plugs grounded to head just a slight spark to number 1
    spark is it possible for cdi or stator to be bad is there any electric problems that are known for 2000 1200 yamahaS?(like cat .converter,and oil line coming off #3.I'm sure its not handle switch but any ideas pleas????>Marvin
    The ground coming from stator was snug but I was called right when I was going to pull and put a tiny bit on,the ground was slightly loose from engine running,This ski had only 58 hrs and had sat 2 years,isnt the cdi or ecu a problem on 2000 yr.xlt 1200,Does anyone know where I can find the electric schematics to check the stator output ??I know I'm asking for lots of help but please give me a idea or two if you know where to find online,I have searched and searched no go!!!Thanks in advance>Marvin
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    Well I have checked trigger and generator against identical year 12pv.engine both read same .513 between yellow/red and black/red closed from black to ground!!!Have checked all connection 3 times and once more even the handle bar switch,it didnt miss when it died was running about 1500 rpm and it was like stop button pushed,I'm going to check inside cdi box today and have a spare to test with hope thatsd it,!!!

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    WEll a new cdi and she runs like a champ weird how it just went out but they all eventually throw you a curve ball.And I also got to check everything from top to bottom that had electric wire or a connection.I wasnt aware of the cdi going out that often in 66V engines but add cdi to the oil line,cat converter,and exhaust valve dropping.Thanks for eveyones reading and I hope this helps someone >MRJETSKEY!!!

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    I have a similar problem. After a full rebuild i have no spark or combustion in piston 3. All of them have 150psi of compression. The ski starts with no problem but piston 3 stays like brand new all soak up of fuel. I interchanged the coils to see if the coil was problem same weak spark. I will try the cdi and see.

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