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    Noticable fuel use difference

    There's a noticable fuel use difference between our two skis. It's always been a little but this season its a good bit. Son and wife went riding. Moine that he was riding used about 1/2 tank, while wife's showed 2 bars down. He said mine sounded "rougher" and would only get to 56. It usually tops out at 60-62 even with my slightly routund self on it.

    Oil level is OK.
    New plugs with gap set.

    Wear ring doesnt look bad, but it is last season's. I'll replace or turn it around this weekend.
    Out of wack impeller blade perhaps ?

    I havent checked the SC clutch slip.

    Other than the SC, any suggestions on what else to look into ?

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    If your riding close to wot it SUCKS FUEL..

    if you ride like a granny its not going to use as much.

    I wouldn't think its a charger issue.

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