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    please help!!!


    I need some help. I just bought a 2002 gp1200r last october. It has low hours only about 36. It has d plate and weeve eater clips.

    So I had the ski out in october just to test it out before winterizing. Ski ran pretty good. Only issue I saw was it would bog a little when it was cold and I tried to go over 24mph. But no issues after about 10 mins of warming up.

    So I went start it for the season and it started up pretty easily and sounded fine. I changed the spsrk plug and test it out again on the trailer with
    no issues. I finally dropped it in the water today and the ski wouldnt go over 8mph and 4000rpms. I water tested for about half an hour and had no luck. I put it back on the trailer and tested it and it seems fine and rev fine. Do you know what the issue could be? I am pretty mechanical but really not familar with jet skis. Is there anything I can check or test?


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    I just had a similar issue with a friend's xlt1200 ended up being a bad spark plug wire causing cyl 3 to not fire intermittently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver93t View Post
    I just had a similar issue with a friend's xlt1200 ended up being a bad spark plug wire causing cyl 3 to not fire intermittently.
    Thanks for getting back to me. Ill check that today? What is yhe best way to check? I usually would take the spark plug out and ground it to the block and try starting it to see if there is spark. Not sure if that is the best way.

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    After running feel the cylinders to see if all are warm. Personally I would start with a compression test

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    First off compression test,second make sure the exhaust valves are raising up,if the controller doesnt raise the gates it wont rev much over 4or5 k.feels like the choke is on.When you just start it on trailer you should see the actuator movbe them up and down even without starting ,you'll hear a whirr and see them move.also if you hear whirr from solenoid motor be sure the rotary disc where the cables connect is not spinning on shaft at actuator (where the 2 cables go,coming from exhaust).Then try if all looks good!!hope this helps >Marvin

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    Get a spark tester its cheap and will tell you if your spark is ok. I went through months and months looking for a problem the tester would have told me what I was looking for, quickly.

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    IT sounds like it is cavitating. have you checked the pump or intake grate. have seen debris and rocks lodged in the stator. get a light and look in the nozzle and the intake grate you could have a rope sucked up inside the intake grate.

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    It does sound like cavitation. 4,000 rpm should be way faster than 8 mph.

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    I had a similar problem on my XL800, and it wasn't cavitation surprisingly. The issue was actually a carb diaphragm installed incorrectly and one cylinder wasn't firing at all.

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