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    New to the PWC world. 07 RXP How to Flush system?

    Hey guys i just bought a 07 RXP and was wondering if anyone can help. I just took out the supercharger and sent it off to Jerry because of ceramic washers that are so notorious for breaking. so i wanted to take advantage that my ski is apart to clean and flush everything out. I read about the I/C being flushed out but nothing on how to remove them and is it neccesary to flush out if i was told that the ski was always fresh water ridin? And I wanted to know where is he Bildge located? wanted to see if i can clean these things out now that its already apart. also is there anyway to flush internal stuff out?


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    Eddie - I am in the same boat, I am getting ready to to pull my engine today and the consensus I have found is to use Kerosene to do the flush.

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    Second thought I think we should write up a procedure and make it sticky :yay2:

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    there arent any bildge pumps in the skis... but you should add one...

    and the IC... i was under the impression only to clean it, if you had an external aftermarket IC

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    How many hours on your 07 doo?
    Did the ceramic washers break??
    No need to flush the motor unless your ceramic washers grenaded inside your motor.
    Add an electric Bilge. Spend a 100$ to save your ski from possiblely sinking one day.
    You don't need to flush your inner cooler.
    While your in the get r done mood change the coolant.
    There are threads on here and you can use regular green coolant to fill it.
    Congrats on joining the most addictive sport I know..

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    My ski has 61 hours on it.. And no ceramic washers did not give.. That's why I sent it to Jerry to have a full rebuild for peace of mind. And I also heard of rxp sinking for no reason because of the carbon seals.. I would imagine they go bad.. And a $100 investment sounds well worth it.

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    Sounds like your headed in the right direction.

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    Anything about the carbon seals?

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