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    WaveRaider runs like $#!T Help please!

    Ok I was advised in my last thread to reset my carbs to factory specs and try riding the ski with the flame arestors back on. I ran 47 mph with them off and a custom adjustment on the carb to get it to run half decent. This adjustment was WAY far from stock.

    So I reset the mixture screws as per the Maintenance manual and stupidly didnt write down where I had found that the ski ran half decent. Well once again the ski wont even stay running in the water. It starts and dies. I can idle it up ALOT and get it to stay running but as soon as I give it the slightest throttle it dies......I had played with the carbs for 45 minutes before to get it to run, so today with the airbox and arestors on I just said screw it and loaded it up and brought it home because I couldnt get in there to adjust the mixtures today.......So where do I go next? carb overhaul? I have never checked compression but being that it will run with whack mixture settings Id say that isnt a factor in this issue.

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    well, i would definitely say compression matters. Check it!! its very simple and cheap. Secondly is this a 700 or 1100?. And whens the last time the carbs were rebuilt? If you are new owner then id say def rebuild them. But again compression before anything, if thats bad then rebuilding wont fix anything.

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