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    CDI, Magneto, Stator - Upgrade available for 1997 SL700 ??

    I know, some of this has been done to death. But...
    I like Polaris, but told myself I would not bring on another electrical headache. Yet, I bought another. I am in need of a standard or upgrade kit. I have searched and researched. The stator fails testing. CDI status is unknown so far. I believe the previous owner incorrectly installed the battery. I rebuilt the top end prior to testing the electrical (stupid, I know...).
    I see only one kit available on YeePay for $799, up from $399 a couple of years ago.
    Ideas that are current with the times??
    I know the numbers and the scarceness of the parts.
    I am a mechanic and can fit and fabricate t a great extent.
    Either I pay, or I cut the losses and sell the motor, part out the rest of it, etc.
    Let me know.

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    As far as I know more kits are on the way from Polaris. I would wait a bit and see how things shake out before paying that guy 800 bucks for something that should be around 350.

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    Which stator and CDI do you have now ?
    Which stator test did it fail ?
    The resistance on the purple wire will give an idea of the stator version.

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