If this doesn't say something about a dealer I don know what will. A week ago I called a dealer who's also kinda a friend in ocean city md and said I needed a idolor pulley put on my ultra 250. Now note to yourself this time of year he is extremely busy because everyone wants there ski done NOW!! He went outta his way to put it on for me Friday morning and an hour later after some bull shitting we were out the door. Here's where it gets good. One hour into my 3 day ride my steering cable breaks. It was original. I called him up and said what happened he immediately checked his stock and said bring it up. By dinner I was on my ski again. Considering him a d his guys are on 12 hour day minimums and he did this for me cause he knew I was down to ride says a lot. So do what u want but if u can support a local dealer here and there instead of going to scab ass wal-mart or eBay do it cause it can pay off. By the way it was bay side jet drive in ocean city md at 52nd st. Good people there. Not all dealers are rip offs. There are still good people out there