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    In need of some help. GSX limited 951

    99 GSX Limited 951 Gray Engine. I had the engine rebuilt and got everything hooked up. I went to the lake and was cruising it up and down the lake breaking in the motor, no crazy stuff, no full throttle. After an hour or so I realized it was getting sluggish. It died on me and I started it back up and it acted fine. I kept cruising it around and it died again so I started it back up and got back to the dock. I pulled it out of the water and looked under the seat. I found about 4 to 5 inches of water in the hull so I drained it. I took it back to the shop and started looking for a water leak. The first thing that came to mind was the exhaust gasket leaking. checked it and it was fine. I let everything dry out and went back to it a couple days later. I hooked it up on the hose and could see a small stream of water coming from what looked to be from the front of the engine. I got a mirror out to find the leak and cant seem to pinpoint it. I guess my question would be, where could this water be coming from? With it running I noticed a little water coming out of the exhaust. is that normal? Ive been around cars my whole life so Im not your average guy that just buys something and never does anything to them. I like to make sure everything is working properly so I don't have to worry about things like this.

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    Mine same ski ....the siphon tubes in the jet pump nozzle were gone . Water backed up through the siphon hoses. Drove me crazy that day . then I hung hoses out from under seat salvage the days fun.hope you ran motor to dry it out.

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