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    I see a lot of threadfs about 2000XLT yamaha 1200PV. With no spark I got readings from stator .519k between red yellow and black red,also from green to green and I checked all black wire from stator to ground and it was direct closed.So I'm thinking cdi ,man that complete rebuilt 1200 was sounding sweet and idling great,would a slightly loose stator ground to head cause stator to fry.or would you guys think cdi on that 1200 reason I think cdi is it gets slight spark at num.1 when spinning over with all plugs out and its weak put new batt.alsochecked all known yamaha weakness as switch lanyard,fuses ,rear sensor on exhaust.I checked all connections,is There a problem with blue code wire to reset,it cranks fine with no alarm just no spark ski has 50 hrs total 1/4 since full rebuild thanks in advance for anyones help May GOD BLESS and you and your family have a safe fun summer>Marvin

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    To have a spark at all and weak would make me think ground or cdi. there are a few things to check before replacing the cdi. have you unplugged the black and white wires from the kill switch. if the switch is corroded or have moisture in it trying to short can cause ski not to fire. if you have a loose ground in the electrical box it can keep the coils from firing. also the pickup in the front cover is simply that, a pickup! it is not like a stator/magneto.

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    I know actually its old habit from calling a generator as yamaha calls it,a stator I should have been more specific in my use of words as I am very old school can you say suzuki wetbike and pull start watercraft made 40 yrs ago ,Dang I'm getting old .On yamaha with no spark and cranking first thing I check is switch or lanyard stop .The readings on a digital ohm meter give me the exact readings from pickup as a ski that is IdenticalI have checked all grounds one coming from front plate to head wasnt that tight but even after cleaning and tightning on top I'm thinking I used locktite on front cover bolts and I guess it could be possible that bolt isnt grounding so I ran a ground from another bolt to head no diff.Both pickups read exactly the same .513 on digital ohm so I'm suspecting cdi or ground in only had 50 hrs and not run for a couple of years as rear oil line was off.Thanks for help I was leaning toward cdi box,as ski was on trailer in ramp running at fast idle while I was checking for leaks etc.I started and stopped 4 or 5 times had 50 to 1 premix and freshly rebuilt engine and carbs ,It lit right up d-ring and res.or chip installed thanks>Marvin
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