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    10mph, 4k rpms whats the problem

    2007 Gtx 155 non s/c only 30 hours

    Well went to the lake today for first ride of season and as usual something happened, last year got a rock stuck in my impeller. This time fired it up idled through the no wake zone gave it a few blips on the throttle and all seemed fine, then hit the gas and just doesn't seem to go, I'm not hearing the jet pump sound I normally hear or heard on the first couple of blips. Thought I had gotten something in the impeller again running at 10 mph its at almost 4k rpm, if I was to push throttle all the way in it would pick up speed but I could tell something isn't right, "I didn't run it hard due to not knowing what was wrong, took around the corner and beached then took back to boat ramp"not really any noticeable noises. I changed the wear ring and checked the impeller last year when I got the rock in it, and it ran fine all summer. So first thing I check is to see if impeller has anything in it, dont see anything or notice anything. Trying to figure out where to start, no guage lights, engine not cutting out. Any ideas.

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    read this thread, sure sounds familiar:

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    Plugs, theyll go out with 7 hours on them, I almost pulled them at the lake but said no way a plug goes that fast, maybe on a s/c ski. I never got a wot pull on mine, just 3 quick blips and then noticed the problem.

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    You should check your spark plugs before you do anything else.

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    Will do I'll change them and see, maybe thats it. Usually not my luck though.

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    It's probably old gas.
    Pump n dump it.
    Then change plugs and run a double dose of fuel Injector cleaner thru it.
    If you clog an Injector you can burn a piston quickly.
    This new fuel attracts moisture when it sits.
    You need to get that old fuel out before you change plugs or you could foul out the new set.
    Good luck!

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    Shouldnt be the fuel it was on empty, I put 12.65 gallons in it. Of fresh 93.

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    Mind blowing it was the plugs, thanks for the help. Only bad thing is was running so fast the wind screen blew off and I lost it. ugh.

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