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    1993 Yamaha VXR pro starter relay question

    I recently fixed up a 1993 Yamaha VXR pro 700 waverunner. I got it out a few days ago and took a while to get it running since it hasn't run in over a year. Once it was ready to go it ran great for about an hour. When I got it back to the dock I had to shut it off and start it a few times and on my third attempt it would not restart. Only getting a click from the starter relay. Tried to jump the relay and got sparks and some smoke possibly from the starter, but hard to tell. All I know is hopefully I didn't fry something else. I think I could have fried my starter? So, I ordered a new starter and starter relay that is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Is there anything else I should check or be concerned about? I might have water in the engine since I couldn't restart it once out of the water. How can I get the water out manually? It will turn over manually so I know it isn't seized up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to be back out on the water.

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    sounds like a battery problem. i have the same ski try tightening terminals or swapping battery

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    Fixed and running! It was originally the relay and then the starter. Replaced both and now back on the water!

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