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    1100 STX DI sputtering issue

    I have a 2000 1100 STX DI with 230 hours, and a rebuilt engine (30 hrs on new engine) that runs perfect except from 2500-2900 rpm. Idle to 2500 runs great. 3000 to redline runs great. Last season, all season, when it gets to 2500 rpm, it will sputter and miss, the "warning" light and "batt" indicator will come on until it manages to get past 2900 or so and then runs fine, and the warning lights go out. If you sweep rpm quickly through 2500, it will hardly miss a beat. But if you dwell at 2500, problems happen. I bought a cable and kadiag software and hooked a win 98 laptop up with the engine off. I get codes 16 CPS (last one at 164 hr, 16 occurances) and 17 (alt voltage low, last one at 230 hrs, 129 occurances).

    So I did some more testing. Today I cranked it for the first time. After sitting all winter, the problem would not reproduce itself. It ran fine in the driveway, go figure. Last season, it would also stutter when running on land. With the engine running, the 45v injector voltage rose to about 45v at 2500, dropped to around 35v just past 2500, then built back up to around 45 at approx 3200. This was verified with both analog voltmeter and readout on the kadiag monitor s/w. No warning lights or anything.

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    Not sure if the injector voltage is suppose to stay the same throughout the rpm range, but have you checked to see if there is a dead spot in the throttle position sensor? Other than that, the injector voltage is regulated by the EMM and could be a problem with it.

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    Thanks for your response, Comp.

    I did put a meter on the TPS and it increased smoothly with throttle, there were no jumps or dropouts.

    At idle, i get about 34-35 alt volts, and increases with rpm from there, until 2500. From what I read in the shop manual, what is significant about 2500 rpm is that it's the point where the EMM switches the three 45v stator windings from in-series to in-parallel.

    It meets the spec of 45v at 2400 rpm. per the manual.

    I guess if a staor winding or flywheel magnet is weak, there could be not enough voltage generated.

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    You might go over on the Polaris board and look around for similar topics. I believe Polairs built a lot more skis with the injections setup than Kawasaki did, and its virtually the identical system. In particular you might want to ask the member K447, he is pretty knowledgeable on the Ficht injection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 70GS455 View Post
    With the engine running, the 45v injector voltage rose to about 45v at 2500, dropped to around 35v just past 2500, then built back up to around 45 at approx 3200.
    I had a similar problem with my D.I.
    In my case it was the partly shot stator (water damaged).
    Instead of the single point check of the 45V, do the 5-point check at the stator output cable which has 10 pins.
    There are 5 coil winding on the Stator and each pair of the 10 pins should produce 8 to 10 VAC while cranking the engine (but not running) with a good/charged battery.
    So you will be measuring 5 times at the Stator cable end.
    If any one of the pairs don't produce, it means the stator needs to be repaired/replaced.

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