So i moved to Orlando last year, and I just got my Ultra150 down here two weeks ago. It was having issues when I put it up a year ago. The problem seemed fuel related. So I cleaned out the carbs when I got it here. The float height was off so I adjusted it. That was the only issue I found.

Just got it back together this weekend and need to test it. I just don't were to take it. I have a double trailer, so there is an empty spot for your ski. I just don't have the truck to haul or launch them. I brought the ski down with my 09 4cly. Chevy Malibu from Missouri. It sucked! I can bring the trailer to you and we can put your ski on and switch vehicles.

I've been riding since I was 9, started on a 92 Kawasaki TS(the one with the cooler in between the seat and handle bars). So that's 20 years now(Damn, has it been that long). I'm not an idiot when riding. Meaning that when ever you look at me, you wont think, "Is he going to hit me."

I'm up for drinking a beer, maybe your a green guy. All's good in my book. Just looking for some friends to ride with. Maybe some mechanical guys if I need help figuring out this ski if I still have a problem. I'm going to MMI(Marine) but none on my friend have jet skis or know the lake around here anyway.

I'm a fat short white guy from Missouri. Somebody ride jet skis with me, it's so boring alone.

My friend is going to launch it for my Sunday 5/26 in Kissimmee at Big Lake Toho. He has the vehicle but doesn't know the lake. I DON'T want to get stuck swimming with gators.