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    easy question

    Hi Guys
    I got an 07 GTX 155. Last season it went over 100 hours and the "maint" message was constantly showing on the info screen. I normally, do my own winterizing, oil
    &filter change at the end of the year, but I decided to bring it in and have the shop do it specifically so that they could clear the "maint" minder message with BUDS, since they winterized it I didn't start it, I just put it in storage for the winter. So here's my question, this past Saturday, I started it for the first time since last October and when I first but the key on it flashed "maint" on the info screen, then it went away, I swear I'm losing my mind 'cause I can't remember if this is a "normal system check startup" kind of thing or if it means that the message minder wasn't cleared? It did go away, and I'm pretty sure that it was on steady at the end of last year.


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    If its on, it will come on every time you put the key on, then go out. If thats the case the dealer will have to reset it on BUDS again. They might have forgot to.

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