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    Pleaseeeeee help me

    HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP..... I have GTI LE RFI that starts and revs ok out of the water but as soon as it is put in the water it will only do about 4mph flat out and wont rev. Can anyone please tell me what the problem is? I have put new plugs in and still has the same problem. HELP PLEASE I WANT TO GET BACK ON THE WATER

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    run a compression test on the cylinders. does it still have the grey ful lines? check the internal filter in the carb for junk in it.

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    Been an RFI. Does it gives any warning on the Info?? Get a voltmeter and do a charge test. If they don't charge you can have that kind of problem. Also check the exhaust hoses for any leak (smoke) that can choke the engine.

    my .02

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    Yup it's an RFI, no carbs.. As the previous poster said, check to see if its charging, just start of up out of the water for a few seconds and see that you get a higher voltage when it's running from the nominal voltage before you started. RFI's are very picky about having a good battery and charging system. Also there are tests you can do to ohm your stator, and you can check your rectifier if its not charging (usually the culprit) You could also have an injector issue or fuel pump problem but its very unlikely in my experiences. A compression check is also worthy...

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