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    Black coupling connecting Fuel Sender,Pickup,ASM. p/n 2410124 is disintegrated

    The black coupling that connects the fuel sender & pickup Asm to the fuel tank on my '02 Virage has disintegrated. Has anybody been able to replace this coupling without buying a complete assembly since Polaris does not offer just the coupling ?? The inside diameter of coupling is about 2 inches. I will able to get exact meaurement when I pull the fuel tank out next weekend. Has anybody been able to use a piece of fuel hose ? I understand that absolutely no leaks or vapor can be allowed. Gas vapor in an enclosed space is an invitation to the burn unit.
    This Fuel Sender, Pickup assembly is used 1999 - 2004 Virage, Freedom, Genesis carburetor versions.

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    What exactly has disintegrated?

    Post a photo, perhaps?

    Is this a fuel injected or carburetor engine?

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    Look at the picture of in this ebay listing. The black rubber between the 2 hose clamps at the top of unit [left side of picture] has disintegrated all the way around. I tried taking a picture but with tank still installed, it does not show the problem. Needed an extra hand to pull up the assembly to show the split in black rubber. Carburetor engine.

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