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    2000 ultra 150 cooling question

    I had my ski running on a hose today ( just bought it) I get water out of 2 outlets in back and none in front.. How many outlets in back should I get water from, and the front, is it due to it being the monitor and needs a lot of water to piss? Waiting on triple from ski worx but want to run this weekend and don't want to hurt her. Also how can I check oil mix..doesn't smoke much like my zxi 900

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    The front pisser won't do a whole lot on the hose. It should piss like the proverbial race horse when running fast in the water.

    The Ultra shouldn't smoke as much as the 900 because it has a variable ratio oil pump. The 900 mixes at 50:1 all the time; the Ultra is probably about 300:1 at idle, 50:1 at full throttle.

    I'd suggest you inspect your oil lines closely because they are prone to get brittle with age and crack. Replace with polyurethane hose and secure with .025" stainless steel safety wire. Make sure you bleed all the air out of the hoses, and do NOT get them mixed up! They are different!

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