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    Would you buy these Bunk Glides for your PWC trailer?

    We are in the process of setting up to cut and build bunk glides for boat and PWC trailers here at our shop. For the PWC trailers, I will be using 3" x 16" x .5" HDPE plastic. They will have countersunk holes and come with (4) stainless steel mounting screws. They can be mounted directly over top of your wooden bunks.

    Out of curiosity, would you guys be interested in these at $5.50 each? Typical PWC trailer would take 6 pieces and doubles would take 12.

    These make loading and unloading 60%-80% easier than carpeted bunks.

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    I've always wanted to try these but I worry about when the material wears down enough for the screw heads to stick up. Would the material ever wear down that much?

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    had plastic bunk glides mold into the hull over time. Now that liquid rollers is on the market you dont need them any more. Its a spray and actually works TOO good! They slide right off!!!!!

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    I can see how loading/unloading would be easier but I would be concerned about ski sliding about on trailer when towing.
    Sorry, but I think I'd rather struggle to pull ski all the way up on trailer with carpeted bunks to be honest.

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